March, 2012

3rd Stage IFTC Flight Simulator Building Construction


Gözen Holding, with its flight experience and tourism, Aviation Services, Free Bird Agency, IFTC International Flight Training Center, Flydog K9 Services benefiting from overhead and car rental services, Aviation Services serving more than 2,000 customers, Free Bird Aviation Services, Free Bird Agency The IFTC International Flight Training Center is an ongoing organization collection of institutions.

Since 2012, TOPÇU İnşaat has been designing and contracting to Göz Holding. Topçu İnşaat was established in Antalya Free Zone in 2015 on an area of ​​6180, as the 3rd Stage, and the 2-storey building is 420m2, with an area of ​​.75 meters. IFTC has a structure that can produce itself, can produce its own electricity, has a simulator training unit room, briefing studies, information equipment, technical, goods section etc.

TOPCU construction has completed the AFSC flight simulator building project on a turnkey basis.

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